A Wide Range Humbucker has a truly unique sound that is simply not found in any other pickup. And a critical part of achieving this sound is the use of 1 meg pots. But not all 1 meg pots are created equal.

Hair Trigger volume response is one of the inherent problems in using traditional audio taper 1 meg pots. The volume control has a very narrow (hair trigger) sweep causing the guitar to completely lose its sound when turning the volume down even slightly from 10 to 8 ½. This makes the guitar very difficult to handle in a live performance. But we have a solution.

The absolute best set-up for “normal” guitar performance is:
1 meg Linear Taper Pots for the volume controls.
DiMarzio 1 meg Custom Taper Tone Pots for the tone controls.
NOTE: Telenator MOD1 sounds best with 250k taper pots.

This combination of pots gives you the widest, most usable sweep of both volume and tone controls making your guitar much more manageable in a live gigging situation.

If you really dig the sound of the original or Telenator Wide Range Humbuckers in your guitar, it might be worthwhile to change the pots. It will improve the way the guitar handles tremendously!

DISCLAIMER: This information applies ONLY to Telenator WRHBs and 70’s vintage original WRHBs.
These specs do not apply to any other aftermarket pickup brands.

1 Meg Linear Taper Volume Pot

By AllParts

1 meg Custom Taper Tone Pot

By DiMarzio

The Big Orange .022 Capacitor

Industry Standard