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Product Description

The sound is BIG, full, and chimey all at once. T2 captures the essence of the 70′s vintage original.

T2 is a brand new pickup built completely from Telenator parts with a Telenator logo chrome cover. T2 sounds identical to MOD2.

We take a set of our own custom made Delrin® bobbins and hand-wind them to vintage spec. Our custom length alnico rod magnets are pressed into the bobbins and the exposed ends are finished like screw heads creating an authentic appearance. The pickup is assembled onto our frame, sealed up with our Telenator chrome logo cover, wax potted, and ready to deliver all the performance you expect from a vintage original Wide Range Humbucker. T2 nails the tone!

Like the vintage original, the use of 1 meg pots is an important part of the “tone equation.” For the best possible performance, we recommended using CTS 1 meg Linear Taper Volume Pots and DiMarzio 1 meg Custom Taper Tone Pots. This combination will give you all the great vintage tone you expect along with a nice, wide sweep on the control knobs. See “POTS” tab above.

DO NOT attempt to turn or adjust the magnets in the T2 pickup. They do not turn or adjust like our T3, MOD3, MODC and CuNiFe repros

All Telenator Modifications come with a 90 Day Warrantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Non-transferrable.
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Audio samples coming soon.