LEC 1 Telenator

Limited Edition CuNiFe



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Product Description

World Exclusive

Play softly, and the sound is ever so sweet. Dig into the strings and it gets raspy like a sax! The touch dynamics are unparalleled by any other pickup.

This is the real deal and the ONLY faithful reproduction of a 1970’s Wide Range Humbucker with actual CuNiFe threaded magnets on the planet!

Each pickup is handmade using our own nickel/silver frames, Delrin® bobbins, CuNiFe threaded pole pieces, steel base plate in yellow zinc chromate finish and hand wound, vintage spec coils.

We will custom wind a hotter bridge pickup for those who desire it at no extra charge.

Like the vintage original, the use of 1 meg pots is an important part of the “tone equation.” For the best possible performance, we recommended using CTS 1 meg Linear Taper Volume Pots and DiMarzio 1 meg Custom Taper Tone Pots. This combination will give you all the great vintage tone you expect along with a nice, wide sweep on the control knobs. See “POTS” tab above.

Each pickup frame is laser etched “Telenator” with a 3 digit serial number proving its authenticity. Your choice of Telenator cover in chrome or gold.

This is the only true Vintage Spec CuNiFe repro pickup in the world! If you’re looking for the real deal. This is the only place to get it.

All Telenator Pickups come with a 90 Day Warrantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Non-transferrable.

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