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Custom Guitar Building: A New Approach For a New Era


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Brought to you by two established experts in the field of electric guitars, the Telenator Group is pleased to offer a new book, “Custom Guitar Building: A New Approach For a New Era”

The way people buy parts and build electric guitars has changed dramatically over recent years, yet the majority of books currently available still start with a rough chunk of wood and a bunch of expensive shop equipment for cutting, shaping, sanding and finishing. That’s fine, but what about the rest of us out here who don’t have a woodworking shop full of power tools? We want to build finely crafted guitars too.

This book recognizes current trends in the guitar parts industry and offers a sensible approach for those who previously may have considered guitar building too complex and labor intensive.

• In the first section, we build a low budget guitar kit to gain experience.

• The second section has you designing and planning your custom guitar.

• Learn the fine art of fret leveling.

• Improve your soldering skills.

• Master the techniques of a professional set-up that will make your guitar play better than you ever thought possible.

• Explore the world of guitar pickups, hardware and accessories.

• Enjoy the pride and excitement of playing a new custom guitar that you planned and built yourself.

• Once your guitar is completed, this book becomes a handy reference manual to maintain your new instrument as well as service some of the guitars you may already have.

A sensible approach for those who previously may have considered guitar building too complex and labor intensive.

174 color pages with large photos and detailed captions in a wire bound book that lays dead flat on your work bench!

This is a fantastically clear book on absolutely everything you need to know about building a solid body electric guitar. The focus is on a Stratocaster- style guitar, but the principles and techniques are relevant to other solid body electrics. The pictures are absolutely beautiful in showing details painstakingly explained in the text. The text not only provides careful step-by-step instructions (including very practical points like where to leave some extra room between screws and surfaces, where to make snug, etc,) it provides important tips on how to avoid common pitfalls in the building process.

The authors take you through building an actual purchased kit in Part 1, and right away guide you how to deal with real world practical problems. I really appreciated all the fine details provided to help the first time builder.

Part 2 is the larger part of the book and this is a very detailed guide on how to go beyond the kit stage and design and build your dream guitar. Here the authors really demonstrate an awesome knowledge of everything from visual design, selection of wood and stain, to the various important options related to the choice of neck and electronics. I personally found this in-depth and beautifully photographed section inspirational and full of great practical (and interesting) information. If you love guitars, you will love this book.

I have always wanted to build my own guitar and this book makes has inspired me to do it. I do not often write reviews, but I feel the quality of this book merits special recognition. — 3d BookGeek

Love this book! Everytime I have a question, I now have the answer, in written form, and in pictures. With a big beautiful clear photo on every page Plus a detailed description of every necessary step in the building process, this book makes it easy for even the most amateur beginner to understand. Best money I ever spent. — Angela

Was recommended this book and whoa were they right. This book is a guitar builder wanabe’s dream. Easy to follow, takes nothing for granted, and walked me step by step through the entire process in an easy to read pictoral walk through. A project like this could feel daunting, but with the way this book is written and depicted, it becomes effortless. A definitive go-to for all current and future projects. Couldn’t make a higher recommendation than this. — Mike Modifica

If you want to build a guitar the right way, the first time… This is the book to buy. Photos are incredibly clear and detailed, instructions are easy to follow. No stone is left unturned in this book!! Every reader will love it!!! The authors hit a grand slam with this book! — Jay Dobbins