The Telenator Story

Two notes into it and I knew the pickups had to go!

My beautiful new Telecaster® Thinline project guitar played terrific but was suffering the Re-issue Wide Range Humbucker blues. I felt dejected.

It didn’t sound at all like the new Telecaster® Thinline I had bought in 70’s. That guitar was great until circumstances forced me to sell it in 1979.

In 2007 I built a new Thinline project guitar with the intent of re-capturing a bit of the old glory. My new Thinline looked great but those Re-issue Wide Range Humbuckers (WRHB) just weren’t getting the job done.

Having only moderate success with all the pickup tweaking suggestions from people on the internet, I realized I’d either need to buy a set of vintage WRHB’s, or I’d have to make my own. There was only one pickup maker offering a modified version at the time but it didn’t meet my criteria.

At this point I enlisted the help of my good friend and luthier extraordinaire Mike, to wind me up a set of pickups.

One thing led to another and before long we had an army of friends both on-line as well as right here in our own community all pitching in to help solve some of the challenges that faced us on this project. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Anyone who knows me personally is aware that I never back away from a challenge and that I truly love a good project!

We had custom bobbins machined. We hand ground and slotted alnico 5 magnets to look like screws, and we modified the stock bracket of a Re-issue Wide Range Humbucker so it would all fit together properly with that shiny chrome cover.

After eight months of experimenting, the final version was done. There were four of us present and we all sat in stunned silence as the first few chords were strummed. We knew we had captured the sound of the original WRHB pickup.

This could very well have been the end of the story. But since the whole project had played out on a couple of popular guitar forums, several people became interested in getting this sound for themselves.

Having no intention of becoming pickup manufacturers, we agreed to do a limited run of 30 pickup mods for those who had hung in there and supported the project from the very beginning. This pickup eventually became our MOD 2 offering.

Since then we have scoured the earth tirelessly in search of the coveted CuNiFe rod and occasionally turn up a small stash of the material. We have it laboratory tested to prove its composition, orientation and authenticity.

We can proudly say, “we are the only company in the world to offer a true vintage spec Wide Range Humbucker with CuNiFe threaded magnets.”

Fast forward a few years and we now offer a variety of pickups and pickup modifications at price points to suit everyone’s budget and tone palette.

We have also expanded our line to include a unique line of products supporting the Wide Range Humbucker as well as other guitar accessories.