We would like to thank the following people for their efforts and contributions to this project.

Sam Ash Music New Haven CT – These guys put up with me for a whole year of testing my pickup mods against similar guitars in their inventory.

Guitar Center Orange CT and Manchester CT – Both these stores graciously suffered through my repeated visits and relentless questioning. “How does this one sound? Closer to the original? Can I play that original vintage ’72 again for comparison? Please?”

Mark Stoleson Stol Guitars – Mark and I have consumed gallons of coffee while proto-typing some of our parts and accessories on his CNC machine. Always a good time. www.stolguitars.com

Bill Morton – Bill is not only a great bass player but a fine machine set-up guy as well. He had tirelessly worked on cutting our first several hundred magnets to exacting specs.

George Jr at Connecticut Machine – George has worked with us for several years now making seemingly impossible projects possible.

Jim Feather – My dad, who took my hand drawn scribbles and transformed them into beautiful technical drawings that our vendors could understand. Also, for the endless use of his shop where much of the proto-typing work was done.

Rich Gillespie Total Printing Center – Rich does an excellent job printing our packaging labels and our guitar building book. www.totalprintingcenter.com

Paul Gabriel – Blues man extraordinaire, Paul Gabriel indulged me endlessly when I’d stop by his house to hear him play our pickups while they were in development. A true blues master, Paul was able to get the most out of pickups and offered some helpful insight from the player’s perspective.

Nick Caruso – Nick is one of those great, good natured friends who will jump in and help you out no matter what the task. He produced the first round of sound clips featuring the original Telenator WRHB mod for its World Premier!

Paul Secondino – A few late nights with Paul at the controls, and we were able to get our second generation sound clips up and running. He just plain helped us out! What a guy!

Ken & Sal – Machinists. Here are two guys that played a major role in the development of this entire project. Without their efforts and tenacity, there would be no Telenator Musical Electronics!

Vincent Cervoni – Lawyer & Musician. Who better to help with a start-up company catering to the musical instrument industry than a guy who knows the law and understands musicians? Vinny helped us navigate the legal issues concerning the formation of our company and all that fine print stuff that you just have to trust to the experts.

Matt Kopec – Web Designer. Matt and I have come to know each other very well through the countless hours we’ve spent developing Telenator’s on-line presence. It’s a huge amount of work and Matt gets it done brilliantly!

The “Telecaster Discussion Page Re-Issue” an on-line guitar forum. www.tdpri.com
I can’t begin to thank all of the people on this guitar forum who helped and contributed to the humble beginnings of this project. Without their dedicated interest and ongoing enthusiasm none of this would exist.

The “Offset Guitars” on-line forum.  www.offsetguitars.com
A great group of people who helped with photos, dimensions, loaning of actual vintage pickups, and a serious outpouring of inspiration and encouragement. This forum continues to play a vital role in our continued success!

And an enormous THANK YOU to all the people who inquired and purchased our original WRHB mod. You were the drive an inspiration to take this all the way to the top.